Heart Tales are stories that energize you for whole-hearted living. Heart Tales are stories of healing that speak to the broken parts in you, stories of wisdom that guide you on your life’s journey, and stories of faith that connect you to God, your true self, and others.

  My name is Jim Cyr and I love telling stories!

I’ve been telling stories since 1991.

I’ve performed “Heart Tales” in schools, churches, jails, prisons, community groups, mental health centers, and festival story-swapping grounds.

I belong to:

I am a master biblical storyteller certified through the Network of Biblical Storytellers’ Academy for Biblical Storytelling and a master sacred storyteller certified through the School of Sacred Storytelling.

I began telling stories when I heard an Icelandic folktale that touched a broken part of me and started me on a journey of healing. I tell stories because they have given me wisdom for living and have been instrumental in connecting me to God, my true self, and other people.

Check out my blog. It contains video of many of the stories I tell.

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