Brownie Shock

A Brownie has come to the village of Blednock and the people are in shock.

Oh, but I can tell you the people were frightened. The little ones screamed and the larger girls dropped the pails of milk they were carrying home. Even the dogs crept behind their masters;and the big boys, who should have known better, hooted at the little man.

“Did you ever see such eyes?” cried one. “How they twinkle as he walks along!”

“And look at his long beard!” said another; “who ever saw such a red beard before?”

But still the little man went slowly up the street singing:

“Oh, my name is Aiken-Drum, And to do your work I’ve come.

A bit to eat, a bed on hay, you may give; but nothing pay.”

Next time: “Baby Meg Approves”

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