A Farewell and an Invitation

For a little over two years I have been publishing the Heart Tales Blog. It’s time for me to turn my attention elsewhere. Beginning in January I will be participating in the Academy of Biblical Storytelling offered by the Network of Biblical Storytellers (http://www.nbsint.org). I hope to complete both years of the program and become a certified Master Biblical Storyteller. So I am saying farewell to this blog for now.

But I invite you to subscribe to my monthly Heart Tales Newsletter (http://www.hearttales.net/newsletter/index.html) which contains a story and a thought for reflection. Narrowing my publishing focus to just the newsletter will give me more time to focus on my study and storytelling with the Academy. I hope you will join the many people who enjoy my monthly newsletter so we can keep in touch.

May all your stories have happy endings!

Jim Cyr

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