Who are you following?


Who are you following?

Everyone follows someone.

When I was a little boy I followed Superman and John Wayne. When I was a little older I followed Bobby Orr, the legendary defense man of the Boston Bruins hockey team. Later in life other heroes won my allegiance.

Who are you following? A politician? A statesman? A Hollywood celebrity? A successful entrepreneur? A friend you admire? A religious leader?

You can tell who you are following by who/what you spend your time, money, and energy on.

St. Francis followed Jesus.

When Francis was a young man he followed his father into his business, he followed his friends seeking pleasure, he followed knights into battle seeking glory.

Later in his life Francis decided to follow Jesus.

Our story says that St. Francis followed Jesus so closely that he was able to put his feet in the footsteps of Jesus. Francis followed Jesus so closely he became like Him. Like Jesus, Francis loved those whom others rejected or found difficult to love: thieves, lepers, the destitute. Like Jesus, Francis inspired others to seek God with all their hearts. Like Jesus, Francis inspired to change, to let go of behind hurtful habits and embrace life-giving patterns of living.

Francis followed Jesus so closely he received the Stigmata, the five wounds of Christ, in his own body. Francis became like who He followed.

Who you follow is important.

Who you follow is important because you will become like who, or what, you follow.  We all follow someone.

Who are you following?

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2 Responses to Who are you following?

  1. kelly wilhelm says:

    Thank you, Jim. this was lovely.

  2. Bob Wilhelm says:

    Hey Jim, Kelly told me how much she has enjoyed your storytelling. I agree. And what a nicely designed website. I am eager to hear more tales.

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