A Biblical Storyteller’s Guide to St. Francis of Assisi


I have just completed all the requirements for certification as a master biblical storyteller through the Academy for Biblical Storytelling sponsored by the Network of Biblical Storytellers (http://www.nbsint.org) . One of the requirements for certification was production of an educational resource related to biblical storytelling. To fulfill this requirement I combined my love for the stories of Jesus with my love for the stories of St. Francis of Assisi to produce “A Biblical Storyteller’s Guide to St. Francis of Assisi.”

If you would like to learn about St. Francis of Assisi and become familiar with some stories from his life and how they relate to stories in the Gospels, this workbook is for you.

This workbook will be of particular interest to biblical storytellers interested in using stories of St. Francis of Assisi as midrash (a story to illuminate, explain, or comment on another story) for biblical stories. This workbook will also be of interest to Franciscans interested in using biblical storytelling to augment stories of St. Francis.

Here’s a peek a what’s inside:



 Part I – Who Was St. Francis of Assisi?

Highlights of the life of St. Francis are touched on to give a sense of who he was and why he was called “The Mirror of Christ.”

 Part II – What is Biblical Storytelling?

An explanation of biblical storytelling is given and a process for learning and telling a biblical story is explained.

Part III – Connecting Stories of St. Francis with Biblical Stories

(I am indebted to Dr. Bob Wilhelm for introducing me to this process).  A six-step process for exploring the connection between stories of St. Francis and Jesus is explained.

 Part IV – Stories of St. Francis and Stories from the Bible

Written versions of stories from the life of St. Francis are paired with stories from the life of Jesus.  Questions for reflection on the stories and suggestions for telling the biblical stories are included. Links to YouTube videos of the author telling each story are also provided.


Written and electronic resources for learning more about St. Francis of Assisi and biblical storytelling are provided.

The workbook is available as a downloadable PDF in the store on my website:


 G. K. Chesterton wrote, “St. Francis is a splendid yet merciful mirror of Christ.” I invite you to look in the mirror through the stories in this workbook.




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  1. Jim, I met you at the Festival Gathering and you chatted with me about this, and I am now looking at it! Very, very nice!

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