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Biblical Storytelling in the Philippines

In October of 2014, I was part of a six person team from the Network of Biblical Storytellers (NBS) that traveled to the Philippines to teach biblical storytelling and launch the Network of Biblical Storytellers, Philippines. This is the story of … Continue reading

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Japanese Bowl

  Japanese Bowl from the CD Heaven Below, by Peter Mayer I’m like one of those Japanese bowls That were made long ago I have some cracks in me They have been filled with gold That’s what they used … Continue reading

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Monk in the World

Below is a link to a guest post I have written for the Abbey of the Arts “Monk in the World” guest post series. The Abbey is a virtual monastery offering a variety of online classes, reflections, and resources which integrate contemplative practice and … Continue reading

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Contemplation AND Action

Four years ago I began a journey with St. Francis of Assisi when I began learning stories of his life to tell to fulfill one of the requirements for certification as a biblical storyteller through the Network of Biblical Storytellers’ … Continue reading

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How Do You Handle “Untouchables?”

Who are the “untouchables” in your world? What parts of your inner self do you call “untouchable?” Here’s a story about how St. Francis of Assisi handled an “untouchable.” Can’t see the video? Click here. Who do you know that … Continue reading

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