“St. Francis is a splendid and yet merciful mirror of Christ.”

G. K. Chesterton

A Workbook for Biblical Storytellers and Franciscans

This is a workbook for biblical storytellers interested in using stories of St. Francis of Assisi as midrash (a story to illuminate, explain or comment on another story) for biblical stories. This is also a workbook for Franciscans interested in using biblical storytelling to augment stories of St. Francis.  The stories of St. Francis and stories from the Gospels often illuminate each other and provide rich commentary on each other.

A Biblical Storyteller’s Guide to St. Francis presents a summary of the life of St. Francis of Assisi and a summary of how to tell a biblical story followed by six stories from the life of St. Francis that are paired with six stories from the Bible. The reader is led through a six step process with each story to illuminate the connections between the stories. Brief commentaries on the biblical texts are provided to help put the biblical stories in their contexts for oral telling.

This book provides a rich trove of stories to be enjoyed and told.

Price: $ 15

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