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The Best Ways to Prevent Suicide

Talking and listening are the best ways to prevent suicide. Ask Ivar. There was once a famous poet and storyteller from Iceland who won fame in the court of the king of Norway, the court of king Eystein. Now the … Continue reading

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Silence Can Be Deadly

When it comes to suicide, silence can be deadly. If you know someone is thinking about suicide, tell some one. If the person is in imminent danger, poised with a plan and a method to kill themselves, call the police … Continue reading

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We Must Work Together to Prevent Suicide

About thirty years after my classmate committed suicide I was serving as the pastor of a church. One evening I was working late in the office when the phone rang. On the other end of a line was a man … Continue reading

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Preventing Suicide is Everybody’s Problem

I have been asked to talk about suicide prevention at North Plainfield High School. The school is sponsoring a violence prevention week they are calling”Pathways to Peace.” The next few posts will contain the remarks I plan to make. My … Continue reading

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